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About Us

Surface Components supplies preparation, protection and maintenance products for the wood working industry.

We specifically specialise in products for wooden furniture, timber flooring, timber bench tops and all kinds of joinery.

Our 30 years experience in the wood manufacturing business allows us to carefully choose and test the best available products on the market world wide and to make these available for use in Australia nation wide.

There is nothing more satisfying in business, than promoting the best.

Saicos Products

We are the proud supplier of SAICOS products in Australia for whole sale industry, trade and domestic use. In particular Saicos Premium Hardwax Oils, their associated additives and future care products. The quick drying times of the SAICOS Premium Hardwax Oil allows the application of 2 coats in a single day. The results are extremely durable, smooth and long-lasting coatings that allows the wood cells to breath. Unlike Polyurethanes, the oils and waxes penetrate deep into the timber structure and protect the surface from external damage. This characteristic allows the end user themselves to easily repair, for example heavy used floor areas in their own home, by applying small amounts of the hard wax oil itself. The use of our maintenance products like Ecoline Wax Care Spray or Saicos Wash Care Oil will generate a fresh look and offer further protection at the same time. SAICOS Premium Hardwax Oil can be used on wooden floors, timber furniture, veneered joinery and even wooden toys.


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