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Ecoline Wash Care Concentrate 1L

For streak-free cleaning of all types of floors


Are you familiar with this situation? You just moped, everything has dried and there are streaks everywhere. Not with SAICOS Ecoline Wash Care Concentrate. The environmentally-conscious product ensures a flawless result.



  • Concentrated cleaning water additive for all surfaces
  • Solvent-free
  • Very economical


Stripes and streaks are a thing of the past!

The future is green! We becoming more and more conscious of our ecological footprint and it is increasingly influencing our actions. We have created the Ecoline product line to meet the demand for environmentally friendly products. Sustainable and durable products for finishing wood surfaces.

The solvent-free concentrate consists of vegetable soaps and natural care additives. It cleans gently and thoroughly and can be used for wood and cork floors as well as for PVC, linoleum, ceramics or tiles.

SAICOS Ecoline Wash Care Concentrate

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