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Hardwax Oil Finish


What is Hardwax Oil

Hard wax oil is an oil-wax combination based on natural oils, resins and fatty acids. It mostly contains carnauba wax. This wax comes from the carnauba palm in Brazil. It is considered a natural, health-safe raw material that is free of fragrances. This makes the product well suited for allergy sufferers and even suitable for wooden children's toys.

​For the production of hard wax oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil, linseed oil and much more are being combined. This plant-based product is used to make interior timber flooring, solid wood furniture and wooden bed frames, but also untreated surfaces, such as kitchen countertops diffusion-open and crack-resistant. Diffusion open means that the wood can continue to absorb and release moisture. This characteristic makes it breathable and its property has a positive effect on the indoor climate.

Can I apply Hardwax Oil with a Spray Gun?

For furniture and joinery the quickest and most efficient way to apply Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil is with a spray gun. When applying the oil, use low pressure and high volume. Start by spraying the first coat ensuring even coverage until the wood surface is satisfied. Let the oil dry, sand with a super fine sanding sponge between coats, then apply a top coat and let it cure. No wiping or buffing is necessary.

It is recommended to use at least two coats of Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil for optimal results. However, the number of coats may vary depending on the type of surface and the desired level of protection.


No wiping or buffing is necessary after applying Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil. Simply let the oil dry and cure.

Unlike Polyurethanes or other traditional coatings, SAICOS Premium Hardwax Oil has the characteristic to penetrate deep into the grain structure of the wood, creating a beautiful sheen without leaving a surface film. This makes it ideal for wooden floors and furniture that need to remain breathable.

Where does the smell come from when the oils are drying? Should I worry?

No, because Saicos hardwax oil systems all have DIBT approval and are classified as harmless. When drying, there is a slight smell from the natural substances used, so we recommend ensuring good air circulation during and after coating.

How long does hardwax oil last?

Please refer to the can labels or technical data sheets for information on storage stability and shelf life. In general, the following applies: Oil-based paints can be kept for up to 5 years if stored unopened and protected from frost. Water-based products last up to 2 years when unopened.

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